Welcome Happy Hour

WELCOME COCKTAIL EVENT Wed., April 27th, from 6-8:30PM:  All attendees of the Conference (who purchased tickets) are also invited to a complimentary cocktail happy hour to take place the evening before the conference, on Wed. April 27th, from 6-8:30PM at Chelsea Music Hall, 407 West 15th St. off of 9th Avenue.  The venue is across the street from the Starbucks Roastery and below the Chelsea market.  Only paid conference attendees will be admitted, and no other guests.

Conference Agenda, Thursday April 28, 2022

April 28, 2022

  • Doors Open (8AM)
  • Registration and Continental Breakfast (8-9AM)
  • Opening Remarks (9-9:15):  Bruce Friedrich, Founder & CEO of the Good Food Institute, Peter Bodenheimer, Conference Host, and Stu Strumwasser, Green Circle
  • Panel 1 (9:15-10):       The IP Moat:  Patents, trade secrets, how to choose and/or afford a defensible strategy.

Moderated by Graham Anderson, Green Circle

Panelists:  David Wildman, Covington & Burling LLP; Jeff Theodore, Braun Hagey; J. Peter Paredes, Amin, Talati Wasserman; Laurie Marshall, Marshall Law;

  • Startups.  (10-10:15):  Four three-minute presentations from Israeli startups, introduced by Peter Bodenheimer.  Profuse, Plantish, Biotic Labs.
  • Panel 2 (10:15AM-11):  Seed and Venture financing for Foodtech companies. 

Moderated by Stu Strumwasser, Green Circle

Panelists:  Bryan Kreske, Hormel Foods; Jason Stamm, PepsiCo Ventures; Dinsh Guzdar Rich’s Foods; Brita Rosenheim, Culterra Capital;  Amir Zaidman, The Kitchen (Israel)

  • Intro To Upcycled Food Association (11-11:05):  Turner Wyatt, CEO & Co-Founder, UFA
  • The Kitchen Hub Startups (11:10-11:45):  Seven three-minute presentations from cohort startups of The Kitchen.  Imagindairy, Wanda Fish, Anina, Maolac, Yeap, Forsea, Mush.
  • Panel 3 (11:45-12:30):  Strategic planning for launching and scaling an innovative food businesses in the US.

Moderated by: David Luks, Birch Consulting

Panelists: Rob Leichman, Lyric Group; David Benzaquen, Mission Plant; Eric Schnell, Beyond Brands; Hans Black, N3W Foods: Brian Sylvester, Covington & Burling LLP

  • Vegan/Vegetarian Lunch Break & Networking (12:30-1:25).
  • Startups.  (1:30-1:45):  Four three-minute presentations from Israeli startups, introduced by Peter Bodenheimer.  MyAir, Yarok Microbio, MeatAfora, Brevel.
  • Afternoon opening remarks (1:45-2). Peter Bodenheimer and special guest.
  • First Breakout Sessions (2-2:45):Main Stage:  empty.
    • Classroom A:  Investors and startups (speed dating).
    • Classroom B:  Commercial Partners/Vendors and startups (speed dating).
  • Second Breakout Sessions (2:45-3:30):
    • Main Stage:  Panel 4:  Research, academic and scientific opportunities in Foodtech.

Moderated by:  Prof Carmen Moraru, Cornell U.

Panelists:  Prof. Marcelle Machluf, Technion U.; Mark Warner, Warner Advisors; Asst. Prof. Samuel Alcaine, Cornell. U.

  • Classroom A:  Investors and startups (second speed dating session).
  • Classroom B:  Commercializing innovations in food and establishing resources at Cornell Agritech (Geneva, NY) followed by Cornell & Technion Intern Hiring Opportunities for startups and larger food companies.
  • Closing remarks (3:30-3:45):  Paul Shapiro, CEO The Better Meat Co. & author of “Clean Meat,” and Stu Strumwasser, Green Circle.
  • Networking and end of day (3:45-4:45).

  • FAREWELL HAPPY HOUR:  5-7PM Thursday April 28th, directly after the conference. A farewell happy hour wrap-up gathering will take place immediately after the conference at the Panorama Room of the Graduate Hotel, right next door to the conference center. Come and enjoy stunning views of NYC from the 17th floor, trade contact info with new friends and associates, and say goodbye (until November in Tel Aviv!)