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Degradation of Vitamins And Probiotics Caused By Exposure to Heat, Water and Sunlight, June 2018

Heat, Water & Sunlight Degrade Some Nutritional Ingredients

Vitamins and probiotics (and other active ingredients) can be substantially affected by exposure to heat, water (or other liquids) and/or sunlight.   The nutritional value (or level of potency) of such ingredients can degrade when exposed.  Therefore, maintaining the viability (and consistency—commensurate with accurate label claims) of these nutritional components in food and beverage products, from the time of production to the time of consumption, can be challenging.  Read More

What’s My Valuation? (as seen in Bevnet.com & Projectnosh.com, Nov/Dec 2017)

Part I: Evaluating Valuation.  As an investment banker in the Consumer space (focused on natural products) who often talks with the CEOs and owners of early-stage and growth-stage companies I am frequently asked, “What’s my valuation?” My short answer is: “Whatever the market will bear.” It rarely satisfies.  Read More


Enhancing Enterprise Value In VMS/Nutraceutical Businesses, Nov 2017

The VMS/nutraceutical industry is growing at a very healthy rate, exceeding that of other consumer non-durables such as food and beverages and dramatically outpacing growth of the sluggish overall American and global economies. Certain segments are growing faster than others. Sports nutrition leads the pack, with a 10.2% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) over the last 5 years, with meal replacement at 9.3%; herbs and botanicals at 6.9%; and specialties, including products containing ingredients such as probiotics and omega-3 oils, at 5.9%.

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Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry Summary White Paper, November 2016

The US market for non-alcoholic beverages in 2015 was roughly $170 billion and is projected to grow to roughly $190 billion by 2020.1 On a global basis the market is approaching US$900 billion. According to Transparency Research, if one includes milk and dairy, the global non-alcoholic beverage industry is expected to reach $1937.73 billion (nearly two trillion dollars) by 2020.2   Read More


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